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About PDDT

PDDT was started June 6, 2009 when I began offering my first classes. I have been, and continue to be, training with various other organizations for a number of years now. I train Rally-O with Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club during their training season in the winter months. I started PDDT to fill in the gap created when the Hub City classes are put on hold during the summer months.

I am located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Classes are held outdoors in a partially fenced grassy area located on the University of Saskatchewan campus. At the present time, I am focusing primarily on Rally-O classes. Classes are available from beginner through competition in Novice, Advanced, and Excellent levels of CARO and CKC Rally-O. Classes are suitable for those people interested in a casual activity to enjoy with their dog, as well as those interested in entering the competition ring at some point.

I strive to make classes fast paced and fun for both handler and dog. I utilize a combination of reward and drive based training, turning training into a game that encourages enthusiasm and eagerness.

About The Trainer

Dayna Dreger

I have owned dogs my whole life, or rather, been owned by dogs. Practically raised by a yellow Labrador Retriever named Buffy, I sometimes wonder if I speak "dog" better than I speak "human".

I have been involved formally in dog sports of various sorts since 2004. I started in flyball with River Runners flyball team out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. My interest in dog sports began because of a fabulous furry companion, Gio. Gio was, and continues to be, a very driven dog who demanded in no uncertain terms that I provide him with a job to do. He took to flyball immediately and was quickly welcomed to the team and competing shortly after our first beginner set of lessons. Termed an "8 week wonder", meaning that he was ready for the flyball lanes after only 8 weeks of beginner classes, Gio's enthusiasm lead me to want to pursue other dog sport options in addition to flyball. That, coupled with Gio's poor health due to irresponsible breeding practices of the people that owned his dam and sire, lead me to pursue other sports such as Rally-O, obedience, tracking and therapy dog. The addition of Romeo to the family added herding and agility to our list of hobbies.

My experience: